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Corporate responsibility

ENVIRONMENT –Anropa attaches great importance to the effects it has on its environment. No harmful chemicals or products are used in the manufacture or its products, nor are there any environmentally harmful by- products of its manufacturing process.
Anropa, measures and monitors waste in all areas and is actively involved in recycling of metal and plastic as well as paper and cardboard.

CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY – Anropa views itself as an integral part of the greater society in which it operates. Anropa creates employment in a developing country which has a very high level of unemployment. Many of Anropa’s employees support a vast extended family . Anropa maintains a loyal workforce, with an average service period of 22 years. Opportunities to advance are presented to all employees and thorough training is provided for those wishing to take advantage of the advancement programmes.

In cooperation with the AIDC.co.za, Anropa also actively involved with learnerships which assist unemployed individuals to gain access to practical work experience.

Anropa donates to local charities on an ongoing basis.

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